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Incineration of hospital waste

In the case of highly contagious diseases (e.g. Ebola virus disease), inadequate handling of hospital waste represents an additional but avoidable risk of infection. EFFO has implemented and repeatedly evaluated measures for the sustainable improvement of infection protection to ensure that the considerable quantities of waste produced can be safely disposed (e.g. used personal protective equipment).

Workshop for a supervision and evaluation strategy

In April 2014, trainers met in Dakar to reflect on the work completed so far in the EFFO project, and to identify key indicators for supervisory visits. These are also used for evaluation purposes. Some trainers travelled for hours to get there. The information exchange and work-process structuring were particularly deemed very profitable. The supervision services are supported by the Medical Mission Institute.

The first simulation exercise in the context of the project evaluation took place in May 2016 in one of the healthcare facilities in Dakar. The goal was to see if the trained personnel were able to apply their knowledge even months later. The exercise showed very positive results. It was also obvious that waste management (e.g. Personal Protective Equipment) proofs to be an important challenge. The training material was revised afterwards.

Train- the-trainer workshop

A follow-up training course for trainers was held in Thiès in April 2015. Some participants still had no experience in personal protective equipment (PPE).

A total of 25 people have conducted training courses as part of the project, using the training material from the EFFO project. As the healthcare facilities needed to be trained as quickly as possible due to the imminent Ebola risk, it was not possible for all participants to take part in the train-the-trainer programme.

EFFO training

76 healthcare facilities have run EFFO training courses in Senegal. Most took place in 2014. Supervision is co-ordinated and supported from Dakar through the “Association Nationale des Postes de Santé Catholiques du Sénégal” (ANPSCS). Also the EFFO coordinator from Burkina Faso attended some of the supervisons.

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