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June 2019: "Refresher course" for trainers

The 4-day refresher course took place in Butare, where in June 2018 the first cohort of trainers had been trained within the framework of the ESTHER hospital partnership between Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health of the the Charité (Berlin, Germany) and the University Teaching Hospital of Butare (Rwanda).

The trainers were able to apply their knowledge and skills by demonstrating and explaining the use of personal protective equipment to colleagues from their hospital. Joint practical exercises as well as small simulation sessions of measures to be taken after the detection of a suspect Ebola case were also part of the course.

Practicing the donning and doffing of the protective hood. © RKIPracticing the donning and doffing of the protective hood.

Date: 08.07.2019





Burk­i­na Fa­so






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