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EFFO stands for “Efficiency by Edification”. Medical personnel will be prepared for the management of Ebola Virus Disease and other highly contagious and life-threatening diseases. The best possible scientific knowledge will be translated for trainers to appropriate didactics.

Since 2014 EFFO is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Health for outbreak control activities in Africa. Since 2016 EFFO is maintained under the umbrella of the “Global Health Protection Programme” with further topics. It is also financed by the health sector. The focus of the project is now on the Train-the-Trainer concept. At the same time professional contents and didactics are the main focus.


Initiators: The Robert Koch Institute and the Permanent Working Group of Medical Competence and Treatment Centers for highly contagious and life-threatening diseases (STAKOB)

Duration: September 2014 – December 2020 / January 2016 – December 2020 (Global Health Protection Programme)

Project type: Research cooperation project and capacity building

Commissioned and financed by: The German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG)

The training programme is developed through participation and ongoing evaluation. This means based on the evaluation results the training programme was continuously improved. This approach makes the project flexible and teaching methods can be quickly adapted to the needs of the participants.

The success of the training programme in health-care facilities depends on very diverse factors. These include the prior knowledge of the participants, the motivation and the method of knowledge transfer. Amongst other things, teaching methods and their effectiveness in different cultures are taken into consideration in the EFFO project.

Date: 20.04.2018

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