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EFFO stands for “Efficiency by Edification” and is a training programme for the detection and initial care of suspected cases such as Ebola. The programme will be scientifically evaluated.

Experts from various countries work in the EFFO project to campaign against the spread of Ebola and other highly contagious diseases.

Project leadership

The founders of the project are the Robert Koch Institute and the Permanent Working Group of Competence and Treatment Centres for high consequence infectious diseases (STAKOB). The Centre for Biological Threats and Special Pathogens (ZBS), ZBS 7 - Strategy and Incident Response is responsible for the conception, quality and evaluation of this research project.

The project parties bring interdisciplinary experience from the medical and biological sectors to the project. These include experience of international projects for the evaluation of hospitals regarding biological risks, work in adult education as well as additional qualifications and work experience in development cooperation.

Cooperation partners

The Medical Mission Institute Würzburg (MI) mobilises public and private partners in West Africa. The medical mission clinic of this institute is also a training centre of the STAKOB. The MI has, as a specialist office for international health, long-standing experience in partner consulting, planning, implementation and evaluation of projects and customised research, among others in French-speaking Africa.

Since 2017, EFFO has been cooperating with Operndorf Afrika, an international art project in Burkina Faso. Training sessions can be held there and didactic skills can be improved with methods of theatre pedagogy.
The network of experts worldwide is a major focus of EFFO. The project is associated partner within the ESTHER alliance at the Institute for Tropical Medicine and International Health of the Charité in Berlin.

Overseas, medical specialists of various disciplines and diverse institutions are involved in the EFFO project. They provide important feedback for the further development of the programme, e.g. with regard to adjustments in the social and political situation.

Date: 20.11.2017

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