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PowerPoint presentations

A trainer in Burkina Faso during the presentation of Module 6, © RKIThe PowerPoint presentations offer a theoretical introduction to each module and form a central theme to the content of the programme.


Transfer and reflection

Transfer + Reflexion © RKITransfer exercises are important to understand content and to be able to make use of it in practice. Reflection exercises give the possibility to deal with the challenges in the context of Ebola.


Practice and simulation

Praxis + Simulation © RKIFor the care of Ebola patients, certain sequences and movements must be mastered in a safe and routine manner. This requires regular practical training.


Ice-breaker activities

Participants of an EFFO-training during the ice-breaker activity "I've got a ball © RKIThe EFFO training course sometimes brings new groups of people together. Learning is easier when the atmosphere is relaxed.


Date: 01.08.2017

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