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Online trainings for health care workers in Rwanda: treatment methods for COVID-19

Die COVID-19-Pandemie in Ruanda, Stand 19.8.21, Quelle WHO Rwanda

The COVID-19 pandemic in Rwanda, as of August 19, 21, source WHO Rwanda:

- One dose of COVID-19 vaccine: 11.5% (897,290)

- Fully vaccinated: 5.5% (426,927)

- Confirmed cases: 80,704

- deaths 977


In order to support the Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), Rwanda's Public Health Institute and long-time EFFO partner in the face of this rapidly rising incidence rates in June 2021, online trainings for the clinical management of COVID-19 patients were designed in a very short time in close coordination with Dr. Menelas Nkeshimana - a member of the Joint Task Force COVID-19 set up by the Rwandan Ministry of Health. The content was designed by the Medical Clinic with a focus on infectious diseases and pneumology and the Clinic for Anaesthesiology at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. The aim is to offer healthcare staff responsible for the acute care of severe COVID-19 cases help in assessing the situation and tools for the best possible care.

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An average of 80 participants took part in the participatory web seminars, in which presentations alternated with case studies. At the end of each 90-minute session, there was a lively exchange between Rwandan clinicians about their latest treatment experiences and their colleagues at Charité, who shared what they have learned over the past months in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.
Currently, the infection figures in Rwanda are decreasing again, also thanks to a strictly implemented lockdown in the country. Further discussions are planned between the EFFO team and the RBC to develop on-demand training sessions.

The presentations are available for download here:

Initial respiratory assessment and care (PDF, 6 MB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

First procedures in case of respiratory deterioration: Non-invasive ventilatory support (PDF, 5 MB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

Basic treatment and cure under non-ICU conditions (PDF, 3 MB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

Stabilization of a critical patient for referral with ambulance (PDF, 2 MB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

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