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The EFFO training course runs over 3-days and covers a total of 6 thematic modules. The theoretical introductions, in the form of PowerPoint presentations (marked in red in the curriculum below) are supplemented with transfer, reflection and simulation exercises.

As you can see in the curriculum, the modules will not be treated in chronological order. Instead, they are interspersed and feature numerous practical exercises. Many of these exercises cover the contents from multiple thematic modules. The repetition of content in another context is designed to support long-term learning outcomes.

This curriculum is an overview of the structure of the training course. You can find a more detailed curriculum for the planning and execution of a training course, with information about learning objectives and required materials, under the “Organization” section.

Curriculum Overview © RKI EFFO-Training Curriculum Overview (© RKI) Source: © RKI

Date: 01.09.2015



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