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Sudan is the third largest country in Africa, with approx. 46 million inhabitants (2022), predominantly concentrated in its capital Khartoum. Sudan is an Islamic republic with an Islamic legal system (Sharia) and Arabic is the official language. Between 2015 and 2016, the EFFO project developed several exchanges and knowledge sharing activities through collaborations, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Health through the Biosecurity G7 Global Partnership Program (G7GPP), the Robert Koch Institute (Germany) and the Sudanese Federal Ministry of Health. The work mainly focused on:

  • Strengthening laboratory safety and accountability for materials that may represent biological proliferation risks
  • Measures to prevent, prepare for and respond to biological agents
  • Strengthening national and global networks to face and react ahead of HCIDs outbreaks
  • Reinforcing biological non-proliferation principles, practices and instruments
  • Reducing proliferation risks through the advancement and promotion of safe and responsible behaviors in sciences

Date: 01.08.2022

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