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Train the Trainers Programme at Khartoum Shambat University

Training the Trainers as a Transcultural Programme

The EFFO Train-the-Trainers program aimed to disseminate skills among health care workers to face High Consequence Infectious Diseases (HCIDs) outbreaks in their countries. Some topics, e.g. the physical contact that occurs when assisting a health care worker to put on PPE-Personal Protective Equipment, was a challenge in some cultural contexts. These transcultural challenges can be overcome when health care workers share their experiences, get informed, are trained and when the correct use and procedures related to HCIDs are reinforced.

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The Train-the-Trainers program for Sudanese Health care workers had been completed by the end of 2015 at the Khartoum Shambat University Guest Unit. It was the first EFFO project realized in English and outside of West Africa. The program included three main units: Good practices of PPE-Personal Protective Equipment and the isolation unit (Part I); Didactics (Part II); and Training replication in a health care facility conducted by the Sudanese trainers (Part III).

Our image protocol is here available (© RKI, authorship L. Verbeek):

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EFFO Pilot Training, Fotoprotokol von 24. Nov- 2. Dez 2015 Desinfiction of the Personal Protective Equipment (© RKI)


This was made possible thanks to a strong cooperation between the Sudanese Federal Ministry of Health, the Robert Koch Institute, the auspices of the German Federal Ministry of Health through the Biosecurity G7 Global Partnership Program (G7GPP), the logistical support of the German embassy in Sudan and the collaboration of the International Guesthouse.

Date: 30.12.2015



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