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Mission and Vision

EFFO aims to combat High-Consequence Infectious Diseases (HCIDs) by improving health care capacities through the provision of professional training for health care workers. With the support of the German Federal Ministry of Health we work to improve responses to future epidemics through two main axes: (a) Enforcing Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) principles, by adequate management of standard universal precautions and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and (b) Enhancing clinical management skills

This is a non-profit project with the basic objectives to:

  • Support national response plans
  • Enhance clinical management capacities in regards to HCIDs
  • Improve occupational safety through staff training
  • Prevent nosocomial infections
  • Provide training for trainers (so-called “Master Trainers”)
  • Promote mutual learning and exchanges
  • Communicate the latest information and scientific findings
  • Exchange experiences
  • Develop and use an international network
  • Promote transcultural cooperation
  • Evaluate project quality and impact

Date: 20.09.2019

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